Sites and Field Studies

SDS Energy has acquired many licenses in the Aegean region over the years, where geothermal potential exists, mainly in Aydin province within the Büyük Menderes Graben and Bakircay Graben in Izmir. Following detailed geological, geophysical and other necessary scientific studies, the licenses with insufficient potential have been abandoned and best sites have been developed.

Geological, geochemical work, geophysical measurements and analyses, work related to satellite images and exploration and production drillings are implemented in the sites.

So far, 1000 Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES), 700 Magnetotelluric (MT), 5000 gas measurements, 17 exploration drillings with a total depth of 26 km have been performed.

2 deep production wells have been drilled and successfully completed in Aydın-Kuyucak license area. Following well tests and evaluation of data, it has been observed that both wells are suitable for power generation. Following the assessment of the data and analysis of the whole site the technical team came to the conclusion that over 110 MWe power generation potential exists in the license area. Next step in the license area will be to make further drillings in the two present well locations and construct power plants (images and videos of well drillings can be seen at section 'Sites and Field Studies') to be followed with others.

Detailed works are ongoing at Aydın-Söke license areas where substantial power plant potential is estimated to exist.

In 2013, in Potsdam and Essen geothermal conferences in Germany, presentations on the EGS project have been made by the company officials. Articles have been published in international and local journals. An article on the subject was published in 2015 in Environmental Earth Sciences journal.

Aydın Kuyucak License Area (Drilling)

Aydın Söke License Area (Drilling)

Aydın Germencik License Area (Drilling)

İzmir Dikili License Area (Drilling)

Aydın Buharkent License Area (Drilling)

Geological Field Studies

Remote Sensing

Geophysical Surveys