Our Philosophy

The amount of fossil fuels is in decline due to their rapid consumption in our world. The share of electricity within the energy portfolio is on the rise. Throughout the whole world the importance of geothermal, which is a long-term, renewable and sustainable energy source is better understood and work on its utilization is on the rise.

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world with a high geothermal energy potential. Renewable energy, being environment friendly, has come to the fore-front over the past decades and became a focus of attention.

There is a growing awareness of the importance of geothermal potential of Turkey in particular, the Aegean Region, throughout the world. Foreign investors demonstrate growing interest in the geothermal sector in Turkey along with the locals. Power generation from geothermal energy have multiplied hundred-fold over the last fifteen years and as of 2020, Turkey is 4th in the World in terms of installed capacity. The goal of the State is to reach the top on this field.

Our aim is to construct power plants generating electricity, large scale greenhouse facilities and thermal hotels through the use of geothermal energy.

Our philosophy is to implement renewable green-energy projects. In that respect, our projects will be sustainable without using any fossil-fuel. Our power plants will generate electricity with environment friendly technologies. Our projects will be implemented at optimal sizes, environment friendly, observing the principals of sustainability and without depleting the geothermal resources of our sites. In this respect, all necessary measurements, analysis, tests have been thoroughly conducted in the sites to minimize risks and to better unveil the potential of the sites. Following the evaluation of the data and findings by experts, detailed reports have been prepared.

SDS Energy has established a “Research and Development” section working on various aspects of geothermal including EGS, (Hot Dry Rock) in cooperation with local and foreign engineers and universities.

An R&D project funded by TUBITAK (State R&D Department) is currently in progress. The project is designed to determine the optimum parameters to hydraulically enhance the geothermal reservoir in order to increase geothermal well productivity. The aim of this project is to contribute the scientific advancements in the area of "Enhanced Geothermal Systems" (EGS). Our technical team is also part of the Research group leading this project. Study area also covers the Kuyucak site of the SDS Energy.